what we offer

Yum is a haven in Sydhavn where you can start and end your day with a yoga class, followed by a healthy, yummy meal, while overlooking the meditative water.

Good-for-you Food & Good-for-your-soul Yoga

Yum Yoga and Café is a haven in Sydhavnen where you can prolong your state of mind after a delightful yoga class,

by enjoying a healthy, yummy meal, while overlooking the meditative water.  We are creating the coziest little spot

in Sydhavnen on Teglholmen for all the 'hyggelige' activities to take place.




Yum Café

We at Yum Yoga and Café care about the environment and because of that,

we are doing our best to minimize our carbon footprint by

choosing sustainable materials, foods and drinks,

and working with local suppliers. Go to our menu

Yum Yoga

We do our best at Yum yoga to create a safe environment and lovely

atmosphere for all who wants to explore the world of yoga.

We believe that the inner sun should come from

within and reflect upon our surroundings. Go to our booking.