In our harbour cafe in Sydhavn you will find a menu with healthy, organic ingredients. Everything from coffee and juice to sandwiches, salads and more.

Healthy café with a view

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Yum yum.
Food so nice you gotta say it twice.



Yum is all about the good stuff. We believe that what you put in, you get out,

that's why we use the freshest, healthiest ingredients to help your body recover and replenish after a solid workout.


You can be sure that it's organic, local and yummy. 

Fanatic is something we're not - life consists of both yin and yang, so cake and other goodies are on the plate too. 


Yum Menu

Yum likes to support local farmers who let their animals sleep on mattresses and play violin to their vegetables at night.
We are committed to sourcing fresh, healthy, sustainably and ethically produced ingredients. All ingredients are almost 100 % organic.



Yum Signature
Two-toned overnight oats with Yum’s special super food blend.
Topped with fruit & agave syrup.
49 DKK


Yummy Cat
Skyr & sea buckthorn chia porridge. 

Topped with fresh fruit & agave sirup.

49 DKK

Yum Special Selection
Yum Signature, Yum Bun, fruit,
coffee/tea & juice.

Yum Bun
Bun, butter, cheese & jam.
25 DKK

Yum Rye
Rye bread slices, butter & cheese.
25 DKK

Varies from day to day.
25 DKK





Yummy Beyoncé Sandwich
Rye bread, pesto, goat cheese, tomato, pickled pear & a twist of Bybi honey & pear on the side.
59 DKK

Yummy Lou Sandwich
Sourdough bread, aubergine paste, olive tapenade, mint, grilled pepper bell, falaffel & humus on the side.
59 DKK

Yummy Madonna Sandwich
Sourdough bread, pesto, mozzarella, tomatoes, basil & olives on the side.
59 DKK


Rye bread, Comté cheese, chives, tarragon dijonaise & pickles on the side.
49 DKK

Yummy Yasmin Salad
Tabbouleh salad with flat-leaf parsley, mint, bulgur, tomato, onion, lemon & oil, topped with hummus and pita chips.  
69 DKK





10 DKK (per pcs.)


Boiled egg
Soft, medium, hard.
10 DKK

Hummus, Pesto, Aubergine creme or Olive tapenade
10 DKK





Nicecream Take Me Home Box
Chocolate / Mint / Coffee / Strawberry / Tropical
79 DKK

Nicecream Cream Popsicle
Tahini&Chocolate / Banana&Vanilla
39 DKK

Nicecream Sorbet Popsicle
Beetroot&Orange / Avocado&Basil / Pina Colada / Tropical
29 DKK



Coffee & Tea

Americano 30  |  Cappuccino 35  |  Latte 35  |  Cortado 30  |  Flat White 35  |  Espresso 28  |  
Macchiato 28  |  Bulletproof Coffee 45  |  Ice Latte 40  |  Tea 25



Popeye Latte (Yum’s superfood blend) 40  |  Goldilocks Latte (Yum’s spicy blend) 40  |  Chai Latte 40  |  Hot Chocolate 35


Cold beverages

Craft Soda (Rhubarb/Blood Orange/Ginger) 38  |  Gro Juice (Red/Orange/Green) 40  |  Bornholm Mosteri (Elderflower/Raspberry/Black Currant/Rhubarb) 25
Lemonaid (Lime/Blood Orange/Passion Fruit) 25 | ChariTea (Green/Sparkling Maté) 25  |  Galvanina soda (Orange/Tonic) 35
Hollinger Juice (Pear/Apple&Cherry/Grape) 24  | JuicOrganic Juice (Apple/Orange) 24 |  Mikes Matcha 38  |  Water 18  |  Pellegrino 25  |Yum Lemonade 35


Mocktails & Drinks

Ginish, tonic water, grape & thyme.
65 DKK


Yum & Stormish
Rumish, ginger beer, lime & mint.
65 DKK

Ginish or Rumish spirit
0,7 L bottle.
199 DKK


Taybeh / Don't Worry Pale Ale / San Miguel

35 DKK

Sparkling Tea

Glass / Bottle

65 DKK / 370 DKK

 Healthy salat with grapes, walnuts and mint.