yummy karma


Yummy Karma

(Code of Conduct)


  First things first

We strongly advise our yogis to book classes in advance, to make sure the class is not full or cancelled. However, whether you booked a class in advance or drop in at the studio, please be here in good time – at least 10 minutes before the class begins. If it’s your first time, please show up at least 15 minutes before so we can get you settled. If you’re not here on time, we’ll give away your spot to another yummy yogi if there’s a waiting list. Also, out of respect for the other yogis and the teacher, the door closes sharp and you won’t be let in if you’re late. Please do not knock on windows or doors to be let in to a class – remember to be mindful of others and respect their practice.
For your own peace of mind, please make sure to sign in on the white iPad at the studio so you won’t get a Late Cancel fee.


Booking & cancellation

Booking a class can be done up to the very last second, but if you need to cancel a class you have to do it a minimum of 4 hours before the class starts to avoid a Late Cancel fee of 50DKK. Booking and cancellation of classes can be done on yum.dk/booking or by downloading the MINDBODY app.


Attire & equipment

Wear something comfortable. What to wear is up to you, but for restorative classes we recommend to bring a sweater and socks to keep you warm. For dynamic and strong classes, we recommend something tight fitting, since it’s no fun getting sweaty clothes in your face, when you have your butt in the air. It also helps the instructor see if you’re doing the poses correctly.
You’re welcome to bring your own mat and equipment, but we have organic, sustainable cork mats, blocks, straps, pillows and blankets that you are welcome to borrow for free.
You can leave your personal belongings outside the studio on the bench, but if you have something that you would like to bring with you into the studio, please use the white/green tote bags on the wall to keep he floor clutter free.
If you need to change clothing, please use the changing room or the bathroom. We don’t have showers available, but you’ll be given a wet, scented cloth after class and you are also more than welcome to jump in the sea, if you’re feeling like a yummy brave Viking.


Food & water

Doing yoga on an empty or full stomach can be very unpleasant, so stick to smaller snacks and try to stay clear of heavy meals 2 hours before attending a class. Stay hydrated, both before and after class. Drink water in small sips so you don’t fill up your stomach with liquid. You’re welcome to bring a water bottle to the class but we’ll also have water available for everyone at the studio and a small refreshment afterwards.


Listen to your body

During the class, take as many breaks as you need (a yummy Baby Pose is always welcome – also for experienced yogis) – but please try to stay in the room during the whole class. You can of course leave if you absolutely need to, but keep it to a minimum as to not disturb your fellow yogis.
Practicing yoga is at your own risk, but please inform the instructor about any health issues, injuries or pregnancies to give them a chance to guide you accordingly.


Be mindful

Talking in a low voice outside the studio is permitted, but please be quiet and mindful of others when entering the yoga studio. Some yummies use the time before the class to ground themselves – you’re more than welcome to give it a go yourself.
Take of your shoes before entering the class room – if you need to use the bathroom or other, we have a few slippers and socks you can borrow.
Please, put your phone on silent. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your phone outside the studio, you can leave it in the “phone nap-sack” in a tote bag and bring it in with you, but please put it on flight mode or turn it off – even phones need to “switch off” and enjoy your me-time.
After a class, you are kindly asked to clean up after yourself. Roll up your mat and put any borrowed equipment back in its place. If you’ve been sweating a lot and you think the mat needs a little cleaning, you can leave your mat unfolded, but please inform someone in the café so we can take care of it.



Be open, have fun & enjoy your yummy practice. Yumasté.